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Friday, February 13, 2009

Find a Luxurious Hotel in Sydney, Australia

Holidays, travel, is fun. After so long tired with work, leisure time, tired with the holiday release. For the holidays, especially to other countries, we need to know some things, such as s good place to visit, facilities, costs, and which will stay. Yes, we need to know that there spesiikasi hotel.

Lodging is important to be considered, tired after walking, we need a comfortable place to rest. In addition to the comfortable, easy to reach facilities and also a consideration.

One destination Sydney is The Rocks Sydney. The Rocks Sydney is in central Sydney, just a short stroll from the city's two most recognisable landmarks, Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House. It is also just around the corner from the Circular Quay transportation hub. The Rocks extends from the harbour in the north and east, to Kent Street in the west, and Grosvenor Street in the south.

Global Hyatt Hotel Corporation has over 735 hotels and resorts in more than 44 countries worldwide. They own, manage and franchise Hyatt branded hotel and resorts under the Park Hyatt, Grand Hyatt, Hyatt Regency, Hyatt Resorts, Hyatt Place and Hyatt Summerfield Suites brands.

One of the Hyatt network hotel is Park Hyat Sydney. Park Hyatt Sydney epitomises five-star luxury, offering immaculate accommodation and facilities. This hotel is conveniently located at 7 Hickson Road The Rocks, Sydney NSW 2000 in The Rocks, Park Hyatt Sydney is the supreme home base from which to explore or do business in Sydney, home to some of Australia's finest attractions.

Other hotel is Shangri-La Hotel Sudney, located at 176 Cumberland Street The Rocks Sydney NSW 2000. Shangri-La Hotel Sydney epitomises five-star luxury, offering immaculate accommodation and facilities. Shangri-La Hotel Sydney is the supreme home base from which to explore or do business in Sydney, home to some of Australia's finest attractions.
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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Visit Thousand Islands, Pulau Seribu Jakarta

If you visit Jakarta, Indonesia, there some place you may to visit: puncak highland, Indonesia Miniatur Park, Bogor Botanical Garden, and kepulauan Seribu (Thousand Island). Pulau Seribu is a group of many island at the north of Jakarta.

Pulau Seribu is very potential to be developed for tourism destination especially for Jakartans for escape from the busiest Jakarta. Meeting, Recreation and sea sport such us fishing, Beaches recreation, Scuba Diving, Sailing,Pulau seribu is the nearest beach for Jakartas leisure (wisata Pantai).

Some island at Pulau Seribu is potential to developed and for tourism such as Genteng Besar, Pulau Lipan, Pulau Macan,Pulau Melintang Besar, Pulau Perak, Pulau Putri Besar [Putri Island], Pulau Sebaru Besar. This location is easy to reach from Jakarta, especially from Ancol Dreamland.

And the nearest island, Pulau Bidadari [Bidadari island] and Pulau Ayer [Ayer island] by speed boat it takes around 20minutes. Every day, from Marina Pier, or to Far Island (pulau Pantara [Pantara island], Pulau Kulkul Kotok [Kulkul Kotok island], Pulau Putri [Putri island], Pulau Sepa[Sepa island]) by speed boat it takes around 2 hours

There many island at Pulau Seribu you can visit:

Pulau Bidadari

This island is the closest location with Marina Ancol beach with the distance less than 15 km. It take about 20 minutes by speed boat. This place is give us a romantic nuance, silent and lonely place which is ideal for forgetting the crowded of tha capital city Jakarta. This place is good to your honeymoon.

Ayer Island

Pulau Ayer was famous as "Peal of Thousand Island" , with area about some hectare. This island is have visited by local or foeign tourist since 1950. To visit this island you can go by speed boat about 20 minutes.

Sepa Island
Pulau Sepa has outstanding white sandy beaches for sunning, turquoise water surround for swimming and snorkeling.The crystal clear water, corals reef formation and teeming with interesting marine life make Pulau Sepa and surrounding popularly known as THE PARADISE FOR DIVER. Inexpensive boat dives from Pulau Sepa to the dive spot is avalable.

Pulau Putri (Pincess Island)
This island is located at Pulau Seribu around 1 hour and half by speed boat, this island complete with with bungalow 67 units with the same type, Swimming pool, Tennis court, and other facilities for guest.

How to Visit Pulau Seribu?
You can visit Pulau Seribu from Tanjung Priok Port, Jakarta.

This post is taken from
. Also visit this site to get some information about accomodation, travel guide, transportation to Pulau seribu.
For a great selection of places to stay with discount prices visit Jakarta Hotels for more information.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Indonesian Animal: Komodo

Komodo (Varanus Komodoensis) is a genuine animal of Indonesia. This is a species of lizard. This animal inhabits at Taman Nasional Komodo ( Komodo National Park) in Komodo Island, Nusa Tenggara Timur (East Nusa Tenggara) Indonesia. This species is one of a protected animal in Indonesia.

A member of the Varanidae, the Komodo is the largest living species of lizard, growing to an average length of 2–3 meters (approximately 6.5–10 ft). This great length is attributed to island gigantism, as there are no carnivorous mammals to fill the niche in the islands that they live on, and the Komodo dragon's low metabolic rate.As a result of their great size, these lizards are apex predators, dominating the ecosystems in which they live.

komodo big lizard

Their large size and fearsome reputation makes them popular zoo exhibits. In the wild their range has contracted due to human activities and they are listed as vulnerable by the IUCN. They are protected under Indonesian law and a national park, Komodo National Park, was founded in order to protect them.

komodo big lizard

In the wild, adult Komodos usually weigh around 70 kilograms (154 lb),but captive specimens often weigh more. The largest verified wild specimen was 3.13 meters (10 ft 3 in) long and weighed 166 kilograms (365 lb), including undigested food. Although Komodo dragons are the largest living lizard, they are not the longest, a distinction held by the thinner Papua monitor (Varanus salvadorii).[Komodo dragons have a tail as long as their body, as well as about 60 frequently-replaced serrated teeth that may be up to 2.5 centimeters (1 inch) in length.
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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Indonesian Culture: Wayang Kulit

Indonesia ia a country with many etnic with many culture of each. One of them is a traditional theatre calles wayang kulit (shadow Puppet). The word wayang is come from Javanese "bayang" mean shadow. Wayang kulit is performance with a traditional orchestra called Gamelan, and there is a singer called Sinden/ or Pesinden.

Wayang kulit is consist of hundred of puppet with diferent character. The story is adapted from India story, Ramayana and Mahabarata, by change and modified some aspect like place, music, become Javanese. Wayang Kulit is popular held to celebrate some occasion like wedding celebration, "ruwatan" to avoid a bad luck. wayang is performing one night, from 10 PM to 5 AM. So, on Javanese is popular with "wayang Kulit Semalam Suntuk", mean one night performance of shadow Puppet.

wayang kulit, shadow puppet

Wayang is come to Indonesia by Indian thats bring Hinduism. This come before the Christian era, and was slowly adopted as the local belief system. Sanskrit (sansekerta) became the literary and court language of Java and later of Bali. The Hindus changed the Wayang (as did the Muslims, later) to spread their religion, mostly by stories from the Mahabharata or the Ramayana.

wayang kulit, shadow puppet

There is a family of characters in Javanese wayang called Punakawan; sometimes referred to as "clown-servants" because they usually are associated with the story's hero and also provide humorous and philosophical interludes. Semar is the father of Gareng (oldest son), Petruk, and Bagong (youngest son). Semar is know as a Dewa (angel). This character is added later to addapted with local culture, possibly to introduce mystical aspects of Islam into the Hindu-Javanese stories.

If you want to see this performance, there are many hotel and place in Indonesia that performance this, like many hotel in Yogyakarta, Keraton Yogyakarta, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah in Jakarta, Gedung Kesenian Jakarta.

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Monday, March 03, 2008

Bunaken Sea Park

Have you ever seen or hear Bunaken, beautifull sea park. Located at Manado, North Sulawesi, Indonesia. It's a beautifull place to visit. There are many beautifull view, coral, fish, beach. You can swimming, diving, or fishing. Just at one destination: Bunaken, Manado, Indonesia.

Bunaken National Park is very representative of Indonesian tropical water ecosystems, consisting of seagrass plain, coral reef, and land/coastal ecosystems.

bunkaen sea park picture

The northern part of the Park area covers the islands of Bunaken, Manado Tua, Montehage, Siladen, Nain and Nain Kecil, and part of the Tanjung Pisok coastal area. The southern part of the Park covers part of the Tanjung Kelapa coast.

On land, these islands are rich in species of palm, sagu, woka, silar and coconut. Among the animal species that live on the land and the beaches are black-crested macaques (Macaca nigra nigra), Timor deer (Cervus timorensis russa), and bear-cuscus (Ailurops ursinus ursinus).

bunaken, manado, indonesia

The mangrove forest of the Park contains, among others, Rhizophora sp., Sonneratia sp., Lumnitzera sp., and Bruguiera sp. This forest is also rich in species of crab, lobster, mollusc, and sea birds such as gulls, herons, sea doves, and storks.

At Bunaken live about 91 species of fish, among them being the emperor angelfish (Pomacanthus imperator), almaco jack (Seriola rivoliana), spotted seahorse (Hippocampus kuda), yellowstripe snapper (Lutjanus kasmira), four saddle rock cod (Ephinephelus spilotoceps), pinkish basslet (Pseudanthias hypselosoma), two-lined monocle bream (Scolopsis bilineatus), etc.; and species of mollusc such as the great clam (Tridacna gigas), horned helmet (Cassis cornuta), pearly-chambered nautili (Nautilus pompillius), and ascidians.

There are five islands in the Park where visitors can enjoy diving, snorkelling and marine tours.

Cultural attractions outside the Park include the Anniversary of Manado in July and Menulude in January, in Manado.
May to August.

You can reach this destination from Manado harbour, the Nusantara Diving Centre (NDC) Marina in Molas sub-district, and the Blue Banter Marina. From Manado harbour by motor boat to Siladen Island takes 20 minutes; to Bunaken Island, 30 minutes; to Montehage Island, 50 minutes; and to Nain Island, 60 minutes. From Blue Banter Marina heading to the recreation area on Bunaken takes 1015 minutes by cabin cruiser. From the NDC harbour to the dive sites off Bunaken takes 20 minutes by speedboat.

Source and Reference:

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Raja Ampat Papua, Paradise Islands

Located off the northwest tip of Bird's Head Peninsula on the tip of west Papua, Indonesia. Raja Ampat mean the Four Kings,is a groups of archipelago comprising over 1,500 small islands, cays and shoals. There are four main islands at Raja Ampat is Misool, Salawati, Batanta and Waigeo. Located in the Coral Triangle, Raja Ampat become the heart of the world’s coral reef biodiversity, the seas around Raja Ampat possibly hold the richest variety of species in the world.

Raja Ampat's pristine beauty, both above the water and below the water, is truly unrivalled. Its remote location and lack of infrastructure have inhibited the growth of tourism. This area's staggering abundance of marine life is due in part to its incredibly low human population density. Beneath the dense jungle canopy, the islands are primarily karst limestone, which are dry, inhospitable, and overwhelmingly vertical. The few resident Papuans are mainly a subsistence society, exploiting a variety of resources to meet their basic needs. Fishing is only one of these resources, and they continue to employ traditional, low-impact fishing techniques, using a hook and line from dug-out canoes.

tropical silands, raja ampat papua

The area’s massive coral colonies show that its reefs are resistant to threats like coral bleaching and disease —threats that now jeopardize the survival of corals around the world. In addition, Raja Ampat’s strong ocean currents sweep coral larvae across the Indian and Pacific Oceans to replenish other reef ecosystems. Raja Ampat’s coral diversity, resilience to threats, and ability to replenish reefs make it a global priority for marine protection. Survey Confirms Highest Marine Biodiversity on Earth.

raja ampat, beautifull sea

Visit Papua, Indonesia.


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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Indonesian Animal:Orang Utan

Indionesia is a tropical country with many various of plant and animal. One of the speciall animal is orang utan, genuine form indonesia. The word “orangutan” derives from the Malay orang-hutan, which means “man of the forest.” Found only on the islands of Sumatra and Kalimantan, orangutans are unique among great apes (a group that includes gorillas, chimpanzees and bonobos) in that they are arboreal. Long, incredibly powerful arms and flexible hips and legs provide remarkable ease of locomotion at heights of up to 100 feet.

There are two spesies of orang utan, kalimantan/Bornean (Pongo pygmaeus) and Sumatran (Pongo abelii).Orangutans are frugivorous (feeding primarily on fruit). Because they feed on so many different varieties of fruit, the apes are important seed disbursers in their native habitat.

orang utan sumatera indonesia

Image source

Orangutans are the world’s largest tree-dwelling mammals, with males weighing over 200 pounds. Adult males of both species exhibit large, fleshy cheek pads, although these are more prominent in Bornean males. The two species can also be differentiated by their coloration: Bornean orangutans have darker skin and chestnut-colored coats, while Sumatrans are closer to ginger in color.

orang utan indonesia

True to their lifestyles in the wild, where they must keep track of fruit availability, timing and seasons, not to mention puzzle their ways through difficult fruit casings, orangutans are highly skilled problem-solvers capable of synthesizing an astounding array of information.

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